24 / 4oz Upteamus – Connoiseur Blend – Filter Pk


Upteamus Connoiseur Blend Filter Pack Tea, 4 Ounce, 24 Count All of our teas meet strict standards in regards to pesticides, growing conditions and undergoes quality checks at every stage of coming from the fields to the final product.

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Upteamus tea is ideal for your restaurant or family gatherings. All of our iced teas go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that our customers receive the best quality tea in the market. Enjoy delicious, high quality tea for a bulk price. Gather your friends, family, or customers around the great taste of upteamus tea. Hot or iced, proper tea preparation optimizes its quality and flavor. There is an art to brewing the perfect cup of tea. In fact, iced tea not only requires special brewing equipment, but several factors like water quality, proper equipment maintenance and tea leaf freshness affect tea’s optimal flavor. Tea has a water content of 99 percent, so naturally, the perfect brew starts with quality water. Operators should use only filtered water that will benefit not only the tea taste and quality, but also the tea brewing equipment. Where hardness is excessive, operators should use softened water.

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