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SENSEO Coffee Pods Classic Medium Roast, 160 Pods, 16 Count Pods (Pack of 10) for Senseo Coffee Makers, Hot Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee, Espresso

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COFFEE PODS: Senseo Classic coffee pods brew a perfectly balanced coffee with your Senseo coffee maker. QUALITY COFFEE BEANS FOR YOUR CUP OR ESPRESSO: Medium roasted Arabica and Robusta beans form the blend for Classic. COMPOST FRIENDLY: Coffee pods to toss in your compost heap unlike Keurig and Nespresso. THE ORIGINAL SENSEO COFFEE EXPERIENCE: Brew Senseo Classic coffee pods with your Senseo XL and experience the signature rich coffee crema layer. SENSEO CLASSIC MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE PODS: The perfect coffee pod for lovers of powerful and fragrant coffee.

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